We are a charity working to be a force for school improvement and the strongest pupil outcomes for all children, informed by research and driven by impact.

Partnerships come in many shapes and sizes. The most important factor is that they are mutually productive and make a materially positive difference to the educational, social and employment outcomes and opportunities of the pupils educated across them.

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Here you can learn more about our operations team. With experience across senior leadership in education, research, the charity sector and more, we look forward to working with you.

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Upcoming CPD

We’ve convened experts from within education and beyond to help you develop your partnership working. The focus is on practical ways to help partnership leads develop, and move school partnerships forward.  From webinars, in-person training, one-to-one support and peer to peer exchange.

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Join our community. Whether your school is new to partnership work, or you have an established programme, membership allows you to connect with schools in all phases of education across the UK. It provides you with support to establish, improve, evaluate or scale up your partnership.

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Our Champions

Champions – Schools that wish to shape the agenda and play a part in strategy.  For details, please contact us.
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