S.P.A. Annual Conference 2023 


Sevenoaks School 
Thursday 9th November 2023 
10am to 3pm 

Shaping the Future of School Partnerships 

Join us to hear from key speakers and practitioners, and crucially, to have your voice heard. The focus of our inaugural conference is to consider these Key Questions: 

• How do we share our partnership work and ensure it has impact? 
• How do we reach the children and teachers who need us most? 
• How can we best frame and evaluate what we do?

We are delighted that S.P.A. and Sevenoaks School are co-sponsoring this year’s conference. By keeping costs low, we hope that all schools have the option to attend: 

State Schools: No charge 
Independent Schools: Supporters – £50; Members – £50 
S.P.A. Champions: 2 free places, further places £50 
Non-members: £100 (if not all places are filled) 

Download PDF to share.

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